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About us

History of the company

The Buffalo energy drinks GmbH with their headquarters in Cham near Zug was established in Zurich in the year of 2007 as a subsidiary of Drinks of the World – a well known Swiss retail business chain. Initially, Buffalo was only sold in Switzerland in the year 2007 but due to high demand it started to expand into the world markets in 2008. The board of Buffalo energy drinks GmbH in 2008, decided to become an independent brand and company.

The Buffalo product family consists of the following drinks: Buffalo Classic, Buffalo Gold and Buffalo Junior. Buffalo is currently represented and sold in more than 20 countries.

We are a brand which is here to stay therefore, we have very high requirements for our possible distributors!

The Legend of the White Buffalo

Mehr Spirit

Mehr Spirit.

Der weisse Büffel ist die zentrale Figur einer indianischen Legende: Einst erschien eine heilige Frau dem Stamm der Dakotas und brachte ihnen die Pfeife als Symbol mystischer Vereinigung von Mensch und Natur. Nachdem die heilige Frau die Dakotas im Gebrauch der Pfeife unterwiesen hatte, entschwand sie als weisser Büffel. Bis heute gilt den Indianern die Geburt eines weissen Büffels – sie hat hohen Seltenheitswert – als Signal für den Beginn einer besseren Welt.

More spirit

The white buffalo is the central figure of an Indian legend: A long time ago, a holy woman appeared to the Dakota tribe and gave them the pipe as a symbol of the mystic union of man and nature. Once the holy woman had instructed the Dakota in using the pipe, she disappeared as a white buffalo.
Until today, the Indians see the birthof a white buffalo – which is extremely rare – as a signal for the beginning of a better world.