Buffalo Energy Drink Exotic Love

Exotic Love Energy drinks

About The Product:

A premium Adult Beverage with high quality ingredients and a smooth, superb and indescribable pleasing adult taste with a sparkling mouth feel and foamy carbonation. Taste: Coconut Water.

BUFFALO® LOVE is NOT AN ENERGY DRINK. BUFFALO LOVE is the effective Love Drink on the market — there is no similar drink available! BUFFALO’s key ingredients have been often documented in both men and women.

BUFFALO LOVE Increases sexual energy and pleasure.

Schizandra: is a woody vine with clusters of red berries that is found in northern and northeastern China and adjacent regions in Russia and Korea. It is used to treat a variety of medical conditions and is widely known as a longevity herb and aphrodisiac.

Ginseng: this root has been used in China for thousands of years to cure and prevent diseases and to ensure a long and happy life. A number of Ginseng’s positive effects on humans have been documented, including improved physical and psychological performance, improved mood and ability to concentrate.


Volume: 250 ml (275 g) – 8,4 fl oz (9,7 oz)
Tray: 24 x 250 ml (6,7 kg) – 24 x 8,4 fl oz (14,77 Ib)
Tray dimensions
[length /width /height]:
32,5 cm/22 cm/13,7 cm (12,8 in/8,6 in/5,4 in)
Europallet: 120 trays
Weight: 820 kg (1087 Ib)
Length: 120 cm (47,2 in), width: 80 cm (31,5 in), height: 150 cm (59 in)
Truck load: 3 360 trays (80 640 cans), 22 960 kg (50 617,6 Ib)
20” Container load: 3120 trays (66 240 cans), 20891kg (46057 Ib)
Shelf life: 24 months